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Who is playing The Big Escape?

11 Feb 2020



The Big Escape is a city-wide escape game played on smartphones. Teams of between two and four players race around a city solving puzzles and cracking codes. It is fun, competitive and has something for absolutely everybody!

Since launching in 2019, the game has proven to be a massive hit with all sorts of groups. Whether you are a company looking to bring your team closer together or just a gang of friends who think they’ve got what it takes to Escape the City, The Big Escape will work for you.

Team Building

The Big Escape has quickly become a favourite activity for corporate team building. Companies of all sizes are choosing to play The Big Escape to help with team building as colleagues need to work together to crack codes and solve puzzles. The activity is competitive, interactive and extremely fun.

Each event will also have a game controller who remotely controls the game and helps out if any of the teams are facing problems. For large events, we can also offer and MC and dedicated staff.

Escape Room Enthusiasts

Essentially The Big Escape is like a giant Escape Room, except the room is a city! We’ve had hundreds of Escape Room enthusiasts playing the game and the feedback we’ve received has been nothing short of amazing. We know the enthusiasts like a tricky puzzle so we have added in some bonus questions throughout the game that may have even some of the most experienced players left scratching their heads!

Tourist Groups

"It's a great way to see the city” is something we hear all the time and we totally agree! The Big Escape will generally bring you around some of the more popular attractions, streets and bars in each city. It's a completly different way to see things! The game is played at your own pace so you can take your time and take in the scenery. 

Friends & Families

Looking for a fun activity that everybody will love? Do you, your friends and your family have what it takes to Escape the City? The Big Escape is a great way to have some fun with friends and families and it won’t break the bank!

The game has a wide range of puzzle types so it is suitable for all the family and it can also be played at your own pace! Oh and we don’t just welcome your 4 legged friends, we encourage you to bring them!

Hen & Stag Parties

It can be stressful trying to choose a hen or stag party activity that suits everyone in the group. The Big Escape is a fantastic solution as it has a little bit of everything and it also has an amazing price of only €14/£14 per person.

The storyline of the game is enough to get anybody hooked and there is a range of puzzle types involved. The game is very flexible so if you do want to stop during the game for a drink (…..or two) that isn't a problem.


To play The Big Escape simply go to, select the location, date and number of players and hit Book Now. It's that easy!

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