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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the The Big Escape?

You and your crew will have the opportunity to join Dan Rooney’s criminal masterminds and take down Big Al’s Casino! This is a self-managed city-wide Escape Game played on your smartphone on our purpose built app. You will move around the city using the app’s GPS and complete a range of brain teasers and challenges.

How many people are in a team?

Teams consist of 2-6 people. If you wish to add more than that, we would suggest to use a large tablet, as the game is very visual and requires all team members to be able to see the screen.
If using a tablet, it must have a sim card and GPS capabilites.

How much is it for a ticket?

Team tickets cost €48 / £44 (valid for teams of 2-6 people)

Where does the game start?

The starting location can be found in the email with the login details. The Start Point can also be found by checking out your specific location on our website.

I haven’t received my login details?

You should have received two emails – one with a receipt for payment and one with login details. Check your spam and junk folders as they can often get lost in there.
If you have booked for more than 1 team, you will receive a login email for each team, if you can’t find them please check your spam folder

Can I change the date of my booking?

Yes you can. If you have a 'Play Anytime' ticket you can use this for up to 12 months after your chosen date. If you have booked a ticket for a ‘Live event’ and want to change to a ‘Play anytime’  ticket, please email prior to the live event date.

Where do I download the app?

Once you make your booking you will be sent instructions on how to download the app.

How do I purchase a ticket?

Tickets can be bought from our website. Choose your location and whether you would like to play anytime or take part in one of our live events.

All major credit / debit card accepted.

Can families and kids play?

Yes, it is great fun for all the family but young children should be accompanied by an adult as the challenges are more suited to adults.

How long is The Big Escape?

It takes anything from two to three hours (or longer if you stop for refreshments).

What is included within my ticket?

You will receive a ticket, your designated location, date & time, as well as your username and password.

What is the cancellation policy?

All tickets are valid for 12 months an are transferable but not refundable except under our Covid 19 policy. If you have booked a ticket for a ‘Live event’ and want to change to a ‘Play anytime’  ticket, please email prior to the live event date. If your location is affected by Covid 19 restictions and you would like a refund then please see our Covid 19 Policy

Covid 19 refund policy.

If your location is affected by Covid 19 restrictions and you would like a refund then please email us prior to the event starting. Refunds can only be made if we receive a request in writing on or before the date of your booking. We will not be able to process refunds after the date of the booking

Where are my photos & videos?

All photos and videos are automatically saved within the mobile device’s media gallery and within the app. If you check your confirmation email, it will have a link to your photos and videos.

Can I login before the event?

No, you can only login on the day of the event at the designated location during the scheduled time. 


If you’re having tech issues, please check the following:
When downloading the app, you need to accept all the permissions for it to work. The app will need access to location (to activate the tasks) and the camera (to take photos during the game). You can manually check the devices settings for this or you can delete and re install the app)You need to have good GPS signal for the game to work. Check that you have good battery (at least 50%), also that the app is in the foreground and that you don’t put the phone to sleep in between tasks as these can impact on how your phones GPS operates.  

Your phone must be at least the following for the app to work properly
From 1st of August 2020 - iOS 10+ / Android 6+
From 1st of October 2020 - iOS 11+ / Android 6+
From 1st of January 2021 - iOS 12+ / Android 7+

I cannot start the app, what do I do?
Make sure to have a strong internet connection, check the username and password (be careful of spaces and capital letters). If the issue continues, please message us through Facebook direct messenger and we will reply as quickly as possible.

I cannot open a question, why is this?
You can only open a question if the game time is running, the team name has been entered and your device has a strong internet connection. If the issue continues, please message us through Facebook direct messenger and we will reply as quickly as possible.

What happens if my phone/tablet battery dies?

You can resume the game on another device. The new device must be connected to the internet and download the app from Apple App store or Google Play store . Once downloaded, please open the app and login with the same username and password for the game. Proceed until you are asked for the team name and then click 'resume with existing team' instead of choosing  a new team name. The new device will be able to continue from the last saved position.

If your phone/tablet stops working and you have to reboot 
You can also continue the game on the same device by following the same steps above.

I need additional help, who do I contact?

Please direct message on Facebook or email: 

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