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Can You Escape


The Big Escape is a city-wide escape game played on smartphones.

Teams race around the city cracking codes, solving puzzles and completing challenges... without getting caught...

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Can you escape the city with the loot?

Join Dan Rooney and his Crew of hackers and safe hackers on a city adventure to take down Big AL and his rotten casino... read more

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Live Game Controller, scoreboard and chat

City-wide escape game

Played in Teams of 2-6 people

Remote Game Controller

Interactive Cutting Edge game

Remote Game Controller

Can you Beat the Top Score in your City, see Top 10 Scores

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The Big Escape


Start point

Jan Hus Monument
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Team Tickets
€48 per team (2 to 6 people)
Student Discount
  • Suitable for 1 - 20 teams - for team building and more teams, click here
  • Flexible Start Time - duration approx. 2 hours
  • All Tickets Vaild for 6 months
  • Live Scorebaord and Messaging
  • Book Now and receive your digital tickets today
  • Monthly City Prizes - Can you beat the top Score?

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€ 48

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Our Game zones are all in city centre. You will receive logins once you book.

Teams can have up to 4 players.

The Big Escape is played on smartphones or tablets.


Tickets are valid for 24 hours so login and start when you’re ready.


2 hours if played continuously but you can stop for an orange segment or a pint along the way.

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the story

Can you escape the city with the loot?

Can you and your friends crack the codes, solve the puzzles and blow open the casino safe without getting caught?

Join Dan Rooney and his team of criminal masterminds and help them pull off the Heist of the Century. You will meet Dan crew using your GPS map on your smart phones. When you meet (pre-filmed) Dans team of experts they will help you gain access to the Casino. You will meet a Jack Potts your man on the Inside, Wheels your Getaway driver and plenty of safe crackers and hackers along the way.Once you blow open the safe you will have 15 minutes to Escape with the Loot. The Cops will have roadblocks set up so take car out there.

Big AL... Dan Rooney and The Crew

Ms Diversion
Big AL
Dan Rooney

Prague Top Scores

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To find out more about the game, or to enquire about booking more teams for team building, just get in touch.

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